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Ambiguity in the international timber trade


New study on timber trade between Europe and South-east Asia under the impact of FLEGT and certification, HERE. The article is the result of a joint cooperation between EFINORD (Copenhagen, Denmark), European Commission's JRC (Ispra, Italy) and SLU (Alnarp, Sweden).

EFI Market on the Nordic-Baltic region


Last week’s EFI annual conference was a great success. Every year the conference hosts a EFIMarket session, where researchers, organizations and regional EFI offices can share their ongoing research or future plans and strategies.

Head of EFINORD office, Mika Mustonen presented some of the office’s present and future forest research and collaboration initiatives for the Nordic-Baltic region.

Fighting ash dieback with computers


The ash dieback has reached the United Kingdoms and many of the 80m ash trees are threatened by the fungus (Chalara fraxinea). Some trees appear to be unaffected by the fungus and now the scientists are asking the public for help. And to get help from the public a computer game has been created that analysis the genetic data on the disease.

Sounds interesting? Read more on the following link:

Model Forests in the Baltic Region

Facts & Reviews

The International Model Forest Network (IMFN) is a global community that works towards the common goal of sustainable managing forest-based landscapes through the Model Forest approach. The IMFN is comprised of all member Model Forests around the world.

Finnish forest owners are getting older, but what does that mean for the timber industry and the national economy?

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A new study shows that the average age of forest owners in Finland is on the rise and that Finns are paying more and more attention to immaterial values related to forests.

Some facts about Finnish forest ownership and the report in a “nut-shell”:


Private and Public Forest Ownership in Europe



A New report on private and public forest ownership in Europe has been recently published by the European Forest Institute.

This report quantifies the spatial distribution of forest ownership at the sub-national level (regional, counties, departments, districts, etc.), but also compiles several information on the existence and the availability of maps showing the spatial distribution of private and public forests in Europe. 

The INTEGRAL project and its relevance for the NB region

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The recently launched project: Future-Oriented Integrated Management of European Forest Landscapes (short: INTEGRAL) is a four-year collaboration project (from 01.11. 2011 to 01.11.2015) of universities and R&D institutes working on solutions for better forest management in Europe.

The International Day of Forests is coming up this month (March 21)



In November 1971, at the request of the European Confederation of Agriculture, FAO'S member governments supported the annual observance of 21 March as World Forestry Day. 

Preparations have already started for the world-event in 2013.  

The UN International Day of Forests invites all Member States to hold, in connection to this international day, awareness-raising events on activities related to our forests.

More information here:

The EU Timber Regulation 2013 came into effect this Sunday (3rd of March 2013)!!!



As of this Sunday (3rd of March 2013), the EU Timber Regulation will prohibit the first placing of illegally produced wood products on the EU market.

More information can be found here:

and on the EU FLEGT facility webpage:


Competent authorities responsible for the EUTR in the Nordic-Baltic region are:

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