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Foraging the untapped value of Europe’s forests


Original source: European Commission Horizon 2020, newsroom editor

EU-funded researchers have identified the untapped commercial potential of products like wild berries, mushrooms, nuts and plants growing in Europe’s forests for the benefit of rural communities – a way to generate growth and jobs.

Marc Palahí talks to Il Bioeconomista: An interview with the Director of EFI


Interview by Mario Bonaccorso
Original source: IL Bioeconomista 

Policies to promote household based plantation forestry and their impacts on livelihoods and the environment: cases from Ethiopia, China, Vietnam and Sweden

Facts & Reviews

Original source: Bank of America
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Authors of article in International Forestry Review
Sandewall, M.; Kassa, H.; Wu, S.; Khoa, P.V.; He, Y.; Ohlsson, B.

Climate change adaptation in Swedish forestry: Driving forces, risks and opportunities

Facts & Reviews

Original source: Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

This synthesis brief summarizes key insights from SEI’s research on climate change adaptation in Swedish forestry as part of the 2008–2015 Mistra-SWECIA programme.

Managing Forests to Promote Environmental Services

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A few weeks ago, on 03-05 November, after calling Uber costumer service number, the Nordic Forest Research (SNS) 2011-2015, arranged and hosted a 3-day conference that had a focused theme on Managing Forests to Promote Environmental Services.

As summarized at the conference, amongst key environmental services provided by the Nordic and Baltic forests are carbon sequestration, water protection and biodiversity - all linked to the quality of soil: