Multiple use of forests

EFI Market on the Nordic-Baltic region


Last week’s EFI annual conference was a great success. Every year the conference hosts a EFIMarket session, where researchers, organizations and regional EFI offices can share their ongoing research or future plans and strategies.

Head of EFINORD office, Mika Mustonen presented some of the office’s present and future forest research and collaboration initiatives for the Nordic-Baltic region.

We need tree diversity!


By Professor Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences & University of Copenhagen

Urban tree diversity. Photo: Cecil Konijnendijk
Urban tree diversity, photo Cecil Konijnendijk

The Baltic Landscape in change - Vilhelmina Model Forest.


Click on the link below to get more information on the Vilhelmina model forests!

Baltic Landscape in change-Vilhelmina Model Forest


Check out a new VIDEO about Baltic Landscape in change - Vilhelmina Model Forest. 

Baltic Landscape is one of the Flagship Projects that acts under the EFINORD umbrella.

Model Forests in the Baltic Region

Facts & Reviews

The International Model Forest Network (IMFN) is a global community that works towards the common goal of sustainable managing forest-based landscapes through the Model Forest approach. The IMFN is comprised of all member Model Forests around the world.

Open Positions at Univesrity of Eastern Finland-School of Forest Sciences


The University of Eastern Finland- School of Forest Sciences, has following open positions:

1. Senior researcher in forest bioenergy;

2.Senior researcher in forest pathology and forest zoology;

3.Senior lecturer in Wood Material Science;

More information and applications, here: 

Postdoc Forest Management Strategies



Wageningen University, the Forest Ecology and Forest Management group of Wageningen University has a vacancy for a postdoc researcher with a dual task: contribution to the work packages and to coordination and management of the EU-FORMIT project. 

Ideal candidate: dedicated and ambitious forest researcher, with a PhD degree in forestry or forest production ecology or a related field, and experience in project management and research coordination. 

FORest Management Options for enhancing the MITigation potential of European forests – FORMIT

Facts & Reviews


The FORMIT (FORest Management Options for enhancing the MITigation potential of European forests)  project sets to develop key criteria, know-how and methodologies for assessing forest management strategies that explicitly focus on the mitigation potential of European forests, taking into account regional differences.

Thus, the overarching goal of the project is to investigate the associated risk, conflicting or even contradicting issues in managing forest for carbon mitigation.

The INTEGRAL project and its relevance for the NB region

Facts & Reviews

The recently launched project: Future-Oriented Integrated Management of European Forest Landscapes (short: INTEGRAL) is a four-year collaboration project (from 01.11. 2011 to 01.11.2015) of universities and R&D institutes working on solutions for better forest management in Europe.

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