Baltic Sea Region Conference: Interdisciplinary Research for Higher Socioeconomic Value of Forests

10.06.2013 (All day) - 12.06.2013 (All day)
Salaspils, Latvia

The importance of forest ecosystems for human well-being cannot be overestimated. The valuation of ecosystem goods and services has gained much attention both from scientists and policy makers lately.

Latvia State Forest Research Institute “Silava” and other research organizations in the region have joined several national and international projects where various aspects of socio-economic value of forests are the main topics; moreover, close collaboration with enterprises, NGOs and other scientific institutions is involved.

More intense scientific dialogue and information exchange could even further strengthen the collaboration, identify the key aspects and pave the way for further joint research activities. Only a small number of international events focus on these topics so far, especially considering the interdisciplinary and regional dimension, therefore conference can serve as a significant boost also for the recognition of studied issues.

Objectives of the Conference:

The conference will address topics relevant to forest ecosystem goods and services, with an emphasis on the economic value of forests and appropriate management practices to ensure sustainable utilization of forest resources.

The aim is to facilitate scientific dialogue among experts of forest sector and associated branches in the Baltic Sea Region, to create an international platform for wide interdisciplinary collaboration and information exchange among neighboring countries, bringing together researchers from different institutions, representatives of industry, NGOs and government authorities, as well as students of forestry and associated specialities.

Conference topics:

  • Economic value of forest ecosystem goods and services, ways and means to increase it
  • Sustainable forest management for rational and effective utilization of forest resources and products

Organized by:

Latvia State Forest Research Institute “Silava”, EFI Associated event.